Brazilian Butt Lift Specialist

Aloysius G. Smith, M.D.

Plastic Surgery & Medical Director located in Westchester County, Yonkers, NY

A perfectly proportioned derriere can enhance your overall silhouette. If you weren’t born with a voluptuous backside, Aloysius G. Smith, MD, PC, in Yonkers, New York, offers women in Westchester County and the surrounding areas the innovative Brazilian butt lift. As a dual board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon and medical director, Dr. Smith customizes a Brazilian butt lift to enhance the size and shape of your buttocks without implants. Instead, he uses fat from your hips, abs, or thighs to give you a fuller, rounder, rear end. To learn more about this procedure, call to schedule a consultation or book online.

Brazilian Butt Lift Q & A

What is a Brazilian butt lift?

A Brazilian butt lift is an innovative way to get a fuller, more shapely backside and slimmer thighs or a flatter belly. That’s because Dr. Smith uses extra fat from a problem area of your body to create more rounded buttocks. 

During a Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Smith first uses liposuction to remove fat from an area you’d like to reduce. A portion of the fat he removes from your abs, thighs, or lower back gets purified so he can then inject it into your buttocks. Based on your desired outcome, Dr. Smith strategically injects the fat – a process called a fat transfer – into your buttocks to increase volume and improve shape. 

What are the benefits of a Brazilian butt lift?

If your butt is out of proportion with the rest of your body, or you’d like it to appear plumper and more contoured to better match your other curves, a Brazilian butt lift is an ideal solution. Advantages of this procedure include:

  • Reduce an area of unwanted fat and improve the appearance of your butt in the same procedure
  • Give your buttocks a more youthful appearance without implants
  • Improve your overall body contours and balance between your upper and lower proportions
  • Feel more confident in your clothing
  • Naturally enhance your buttocks with fat from your own body
  • Long-lasting results

Many times, a healthy lifestyle and exercises can’t deliver the results you want for a lifted, round backside. Under Dr. Smith’s expertise and aesthetic eye, a Brazilian butt lift can provide the results you desire. 

What is the recovery like after a Brazilian butt lift?

Because a Brazilian butt lift uses your own fat, you have to be careful during recovery not to sit directly on your buttocks so the newly injected fat cells don’t shift out of place for about two weeks following surgery. Pain is usually minimal, and you’ll have to sleep on your stomach or side for the first couple of weeks, as well. 

Once Dr. Smith gives you the go-ahead, you can sit on a pillow or in a modified position so as not to apply direct pressure to your buttocks. After about eight weeks, you can resume your usual sitting activities. In most cases, you can return to work after 10-14 days. 

To schedule a Brazilian butt lift consultation, call the office or request an appointment online.